About Us

At Swann Electric Bicycles we are passionate about making it easier for everyone to ride a bike more often. While we love riding for recreation, the bicycle is unmatched as an environmentally friendly means of transportation. This is why the Scientific American called the bicycle “the most benevolent of machines”.


Why do we care? We feel that every vehicle mile that can be replaced with a bicycle mile will improve our environment and quality of life for the entire community. Choosing to use your bike instead of the car for even a few trips a week will make a difference.

While most people won't get rid of their cars entirely, we believe that, with the will to change and a little help, many two-car families could get by with just one car. The new human-electric hybrid bicycles make that option even more feasible. Hills, wind, distance, heat, and loads no longer present the same barriers one might experience on a regular bicycle.

But it's not all about the big picture. The bottom line is that every gasoline-powered mile that you replace with a bicycle-powered mile saves you money on gas and saves you the stress of dealing with traffic, parking, etc. Not to mention, it's just fun!

We, John and Diane Swann, founded Swann Electric Bicycles in 2009 after being avid cyclists for over 40 years. During a 30 year software development career, John racked up over 200,000 miles on his bike, much of it commuting to work in Sacramento from his home in Davis. Diane followed suit by commuting to Sacramento by e-bike beginning in 2010.

We believe that cycling is the best transportation option available and with a very modest increase in energy use, an electric assist improves that option substantially. We hope to share our enthusiasm with anyone who is willing to give it a try.

John Swann on his BionX equipped bike, hauling a package in the flat-bed trailer and towing another bicycle to be delivered.

Diane Swann on daily commute from Davis to downtown Sacramento on BionX equipped bike.