Swann Electric Bicycles offers a choice of electric assist bicycles or you can choose to convert your current (or new) bicycle to an electric assist bike with a BionX kit.

Simply put, an electric assist bicycle is a conventional pedal-powered bicycle that has an electric motor. The concept of an "assist" means that you get a power boost in proportion to how hard you pedal: Pedal harder and get more assistance, pedal lightly and receive less assistance. Stop pedaling and your assistance is automatically cut off -- so you're always in total control.

Easy–to–use handle–bar mounted controls give you the flexibility to boost your pedaling power anywhere from 25% to 200%. State–of–the–art battery technology gives you a range of 15 to 80 miles on one battery charge. Distance varies, depending on the power boost selected, the load on the bike, surface, and riding conditions.

Swann Electric Bicycles is proud to currently offer the following products:
  • BionX is a top–of–the–line solution that allow us to convert your new or current bicycle into an electric one. The retrofit kit can be installed on most bicycles and can drastically improve your commute, training or day-to-day errands.
  • Easy Motion electric bikes are lightweight and balanced to feel like a traditional bike. Easy Motion bikes offer both torque sensor pedal assist and power on demand (twist throttle).


Not ready to buy? Have a guest visiting who might appreciate an assist? Just want to have fun? You can rent an e-bike by the day or week at Ken's Bike & Ski.